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First there was 2:1:1. Then someone said "hey, let's do 3:1:1". Then people were like "4:1:1 is the best, bro". Then it jumped to 8:1:1. Now it's at 12:1:1. What's next, 100:1:1? Probably.


Nah, not for SLAP. Many studies over the years have shown 2:1:1 is the ideal ratio in BCAAs. Heck, the same companies now pimpin' 12:1:1 were just shouting 2:1:1 just a few months ago. And since we're old school, that's what we're rollin' with. And we don't like drinking straight Leucine in a crazy ratio. Don't be fooled by the hype and the marketing to "just add more and say it works better".


Also don't be fooled by overly sweet, artificially laced fruity tasting aminos claiming to be awesome. Ours is what's awesome; it's clean, its got limited ingredients and its Salted Caramel, bro. Enough said. Oh yeah, people on Instagram call it #liquidcrack, it's just that good.



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