You remember that time when you had Strawberry Mojito BCAAs from one of those "other brands"? Yeah, we don't either.

As part of our new "SLAPPY HOUR" series, these BCAAs are unlike anything you've ever had. These are not your ordinary, chemically laced with artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners, Fruit Punch and Watermelon BCAAs (insert trash can to vomit into). These are strawberry fruity, but with a hint of mint. Plus real mojitos have liquor in them. These BCAAs don't (what kind of place do you think we are running here folks?), but were made to taste like they do. Why make liquor flavored supplements if you aren't going to have them taste like they have liquor in them? Exactly. If you've never had a strawberry mojito or even a traditional mojito, well, that's why we just explained what it tastes like, Homeslice. If you have, you feel me bro.

Did we mention they also have electrolytes in them? Well we just did. Yeah, after a hard workout you could have a SLAPPY HOUR BCAA and replenish those much needed electrolytes. 

As for the 2:1:1 BCAA ratio, well you know that unlike many companies that now are trying to steal your wallet with 4,8,12 and now 16:1:1 ludicrous ratios, SLAP rolls with a traditional 2:1:1 ratio. Oddly and not coincidentally, it's also the same ratio all those other companies used to yell was the ideal ratio in their products; that is until they needed to find a way to sell them against the guy in the booth next to them that also had the exact same ratio. What's next, 100:1:1? Exactly.

Plus we put Homeslice and Bro on the same label. Who even does that? We do.


553.5g - 45 Servings - Dietary Supplement

Gluten Free, Soy Free

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Not too shabby!

After powering through a container of salted caramel BCAAS (which is also bomb) I decided to try Strawberry Mojito. I agree with some of the other reviews when they say there's a sorta strange minty after taste, but I still think the flavour is pretty good. I don't think the minty taste is bad (what do you expect, its MOJITO, duh.) I probably wouldn't buy this flavour again, but I still give it 4 stars!

Strawberry mojito bcaa

These BCAAs have some amazing ingredients. However, I didn't care for the taste. Not my cup of tea. It would have been better without the mint aftertaste. However, the company graciously refunded me my money when I contacted them about it. Good customer service.

It's Awesome Sauce

If you are reading this, you should add this product to your cart. You are welcome.

Strawberry Mojito Bro

I was stoked to order a BCAA powder with NO sucralose, finally, and in a flavor like strawberry mojito--

Awesome Supplement

Great product here. Flavor is a little light but it definitely grows on you. Mixes well in a blender bottle also. It does Chang from a light pink to a light purple color if left for a little time but still taste the same. Not sure what it's from. I would reorder this one for sure.

Strawberry Mojito

The flavor is light, but good! It doesn't upset my stomach like other BCAAs that I've tried do. I want to try the salted caramel now!


I like this flavor of BCAA. It mixes well and I like the taste. I think it takes like a real mojito. The taste does lessen as it sits, but its refreshing either way! :)

Might not be a BCAAs fan..

I would rate this 1 star but my husband would rate it 3 so I compromised. I love SLAP whey, so I decided to try BCAAs for the first time (ever) and order Strawberry Mojito. I cringed when I took my first sip! We both can't put our fingers on what flavor the aftertaste is, even when trying it multiple times. My husband will finish off the tub because he thinks it's at least drinkable but it deterred me completely. The mouthfeel is very fizzy and since I've never had BCAAs before, I'm not sure if that's a feature of this product or all of BCAAs. It also doesn't mix very well. I want to try the Salted Caramel flavor instead but I'm a bit nervous at this point to buy a whole tub.