First there was 2:1:1. Then someone said "hey, let's do 3:1:1". Then people were like "4:1:1 is the best, bro". Then it jumped to 8:1:1. Now it's at 12:1:1. What's next, 100:1:1? Probably.


Nah, not for SLAP. Many studies over the years have shown 2:1:1 is the ideal ratio in BCAAs. And we're old school, so that's what we're rollin' with. And we don't like drinking straight Leucine in a crazy ratio. Don't be fooled by the hype and the marketing to "just add more and say it works better".


Also don't be fooled by chalky, metallic, gunpowdery (and that might not even be a word) tasting aminos claiming to be "unflavored". Ours is legit clear, clean and doesn't taste like you swallowed a musket full of gunpowder in 1780.


*No muskets or gunpowder or made up words were injured during this little product description.


Mix this in ANYTHING you want, that's why it's unflavored, Homeslice.

Net Wt. 186g - 30 Servings - Dietary Supplement

Gluten Free - Contains Soy

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Works very well I didn't feel as sore as usual so I was able to workout the next day too instead of suffering in bed


This is truly unflavored. I mix a scoop with 32oz of water every workout. I've noticed a HUGE difference using this. With BCAA, I'm not sore the next day, so then when I do my HIIT workouts, I can give a 100% because my body is not aching nor is it sore. I drink this during my workouts, and I can work longer and better without my muscles feeling fatigue quickly. I love this product. This is my second tub of unflavored BCAA. I love slap products and trust Slap 100%!

Perfect unflavored BCAA

I love that you can mix this BCAA in any beverage and not taste it. So much easier than choking down those huge pills! It mixes perfectly too. I add to my Slap pre-workout or just to plain water. So easy!

Simply the best!

So I love the salted Carmel BCAAs but I wanted something flavorless to add to my baked goods. I've tried this in my oatmeal, pancakes, and in my drinks. I love this stuff!

Love this

I love these unflavored BCAAs for a ton of reasons. The main one being that you can mix them up with anything... flavoring, protein, or whatever you want.

No more searching for BCAA's!

Let me start this review by saying, I have never tried BCAA's before. But I have been curious about trying it so I've been reading reviews and researching different brands. I have never been a fan of those powdery drinks but this one was great! It didn't have a gross chalky taste and easily dissolved in the water. Not only that, but it shipped fairly fast and it was a decent price.

Love it

I love the liquid crack BCAAs but they don't mix well with every flavor on the planet so on days I need to mix BCAAs with a weird flavor, I love the versatility of the unflavored!!

To Die For!!!!!!

Amazing. The best. You have to have this. Go. Buy. Now.