How We Market Our Products Vs How the Industry Markets Products

Most of the stuff you see in the industry, when it comes to claims, is fiction. A lot of companies use claims in order to sell their products. A claim, as an example, might be that a company says if you use their product at a certain time, you will get the most muscle growth. That's just one example of a claim. We do our best to not use claims to describe our products. We will never tell you that you have to take protein within 10 minutes after finishing a workout or it doesn't work. We try not to list claims for when, how, and why on our products. The fact is, all of our products can be used whenever the individual can literally get them in their diet on a busy schedule based on their own, specific dietary needs. Individuals may find that the time of day and amount they use, works for them, versus the time of day and amount another individual might use. Results for any supplement are not guaranteed. We are not registered dietitians and every person on planet earth has different dietary needs, so we do our best to never put a one size fits all claim on a product. If someone can use protein directly after a workout, that's great; but the protein doesn't become irrelevant if you can't drink it immediately, because you have to instead run to the mall and buy a new pair of sneakers before you can drink your next shake. That's how a lot of companies in the supplement industry market. We do our best not to. Marketing that tells someone that it's a time released blend that needs to be taken within 6 minutes of the 1st full moon on the 3rd month of the equinox, is just that.... marketing. 

Always consult your own physician, or your family physician, before using any of our products; or any supplement for that matter. Feel free to show our labels to your physician or registered dietitian before starting any nutrition plan. If you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are nursing, always get your physician's approval before using any supplement. Many people ask the supplement company if their supplements are safe for pregnancy or nursing. The supplement company is not the person to ask, your doctor is. So our standard answer is always ask your physician before starting any nutrition or fitness plan. Always.


Expiration Dates and Manufactured Dates

If it says MFG on your supplement, the date on your supplement is not an expiration date!

Due to the rules within FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations, there are two different ways with which our products may be dated on SLAP HAND® brand labels.

Some dietary supplement products will display a "manufacture date" (MFG date) rather than an "expiration or best by" (EXP date). This MFG date represents the month in which the product in the conatiner was manufactured, not the date it expires. Some products will still contain an EXP date as well, which will list the month that they will expire.

All SLAP HAND® brand products are produced by GMP-compliant manufacturers that meet specific standards for quality. We require, and will continue to require, that our manufacturers develop and formulate products to maintain their quality for the expected time frame. In most cases, the products are considered stable at full effectiveness for two (2) years from the manufacture date (MFG date).*

*Given normal storage and circumstances. Examples include normal storage temperatures once opened, the container being sealed properly and not left open on a counter or during storage once opened, the supplement not being used as intended, etc all of which can shorten the time frame on quality.