You know you want them both separately, so why not buy them both together and save some cash? Exactly.

Get both L-Glutamine and your flavor choice of BCAA together in the AMINO ACIDS Stack.

Your muscles will thank you later!

*Supplement Facts and Product information on each product page, so check them out before you buy this, bro.*



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Stack Up the Gains

Love this stuff. Tastes good (obviously), blends well, and who can beat the savings by ordering these products together. I find both of these products very effective in my training.

So good

Getting these two products together is a really good deal! The glutamine blends really well. I have now tried both flavors of the BCAAs and they are both spectacular.

Literally Liquid Crack

I start every morning with the salted caramel BCAAs in my coffee. I blend the glutamine in my protein shakes in the afternoon, the only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the glutamine doesn't have a scoop in the tub. Honestly I guess it might but I haven't seen it yet...lol might need to go dig thru the tub. From SLAP: We should probably get 5 stars from you V because check out the label on the Glutamine, its a spoon measurement not a scoop, bro = for use with a spoon not a scooper lol. Haha

Addicted to salted caramel BCAA

I decided to try the salted caramel BCAA based on a bunch of rave reviews I read on Instagram. I was expecting it to be delicious but I was not prepared to become obsessed with it and use it in almost everything I eat and drink. It's SO good! I'm on my second container and I'm almost running low already. After about 3(ish?) months of using the BCAA and Glutamine combo I definitely see a little more muscle definition than before. Thank you for making such great products and for being a trustworthy company. Oh...and thanks for having a hilarious AND informative Instagram!

Delicious, clean, and great customer service

Loving the unflavored L-Glutamine and Salted Caramel BCAA combo. Makes muscle recovery delicious. Received 10 sample travel packets of protein, which have been a GREAT way to get introduced to the product line. Thank you, Prez!

Can't beat the salted caramel flavor!

Loving the Salted Caramel BCAA's! I'm addicted to putting them in my coffee everyday, and also having a big glass of iced BCAA's. It's like having a delicious Starbucks with no extra calories!

Unlike any other BCAA out there!

Really impressed with the 8-bit. The salted caramel flavor, though not your normal flavor, is SO GOOD. Refreshing, sweet, and provides all the key Amino Acids to help fuel your workout and recovery. SLAP Nutrition has a new customer for life!

Great taste, I look forward to taking my Supplements now!

I am bad at being consistent, especially when I have to force down something I'm not in love with. I adore the taste of the Salted caramel and the Glutamine is flavorless. I am eager to whip out my shaker and make my drinks.