Bonnie & Clyde were legendary outlaws in the early 1900's American West. On their own, they were tough as nails, but together they were legendary. Just like these pre-workouts. That's why we called them that, bro. BONNIE is the sweeter of the two (just like in real life), but make no mistake her formula will let you terrorize your weights. These two outlaws would get all hopped up for their crime sprees, and while we don't recommend anything related to crime, we do know you'll be crazy pumped with BONNIE. The added bonus is that we had BONNIE & CLYDE specifically formulated to taste really good together, for those who want to mix them and become absolutely legendary in your gym.

We designed our pre-workouts to give you what you are looking for; and by that we mean swollen muscles, insane pumps, and energy that seems to last for days. 

*Caution: Mixing Bonnie & Clyde is for the hardcore athlete, so please use caution. Bonnie is the lower stim of the two. Clyde packs a bit more punch.*


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Flavor: Royal Flush Razz

Servings: 25

Net Wt: 160g

Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free

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