This is the one and only (literally) FRENCH TOAST FANTASY SPREAD. This ridiculousness in a tub is Peanut Cashew Coconut Spread aka nut buttaaaa. Listen up, this site is the only place on planet earth where you can get this flavor. Why? Because our friends at EPIC SPREADS (@epicspreads) made it just for SLAP!.....So there's that. Bam. Pow. SLAP! Put this on stuff or eat it right out of the jar, we don't even care...the choice is yours.

*Supply is Limited*

308g - 10.8oz

Lactose Free, Gluten Free

Allergens: Dude, this has nuts in it. You know that from the name and that fact it's a nut butter. So if you're allergic to nuts or trees or coconut, don't eat this spread, Bro.







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WOW is all I can say. French Toast Fantasy is better than I thought it would be. Creamy? YES! Full of Flavor? YES! Sweet but not too sweet? YES!!!! We have used this on our bananas, on rice cakes, on pancakes, on muffins....by the spoonful. You can't go wrong with it. SO SO GOOD!!!!

WHAT is this sorcery

Why are you not buying this right now!? Stop wasting time reading reviews and get this in your mouth ASAP. As addictive, if not more, than a certain chocolate hazelnut spread but way Slappier!

Nut me

Some girls fantasize about whipped cream on hot men; I fantasize about nut butter on hot men. Who's the real winner here? Yeah, thought so.

So Good

Do yourself a favor and buy more than 1 jar. You will thank me later. Smooth, creamy texture and the taste is on point.


This is amazing. I do feel like it needs a little more of a buttery and/or syrup taste but it's still phenomenal. I've tried a lot of the Epic Spreads and this is right behind C&C and S'Mores. I ate it straight up, and also tried it with oats, cinnamon, bananas and PB protein which was INCREDIBLE. Next up-Pancakes.

Deez nuts are the BEST

SO GOOD. You better buy some before I buy it all. Nailed the taste perfectly

French Toast Fantasy

Oh yes, it is simply the best....you will not need any toast, you will be eating it right off the spoon!...it's that good....just saying...


This will probably be the best thing you've put in your mouth since Toast Tuesday became a thing. Unless you're into other stuff. No judgement.