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SLAP now offers multivitamins for majestic chicks who sweat and sparkle. Unlike other companies, we won't tell you that they'll do this or that for you, because well, they are vitamins, bro. But, they are designed for your skin, hair and nails to be slaptastic. So there's that....


60 Veggie Capsules

Gluten Free. Soy Free.

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The best V out there

I’ve taken a multivitamin all my life, but never one like this. With severe lactose/whey/all dairy allergies, soft nails have been a huge issue. Literally within 2 weeks of using this I’ve seen a major improvement. This is one of those products you should just sign up for the subscription service because you’ll never stop using it.

Love this stuff!!

I am super picky about my vitamins. These are the best I have tried by far. After just two weeks I’ve noticed a major difference in the strength of my nails. Do yourself a favor and get this on a subscription basis!

Da Bomb

The only multivitamin I will take. It's made my hair and nails so much healthier and stronger! An absolute essential in my daily routine.

The Freakin' Best

From a majestic chick who sparkles (not sweats) lol this stuff is awesome! Just about a week of takin these bad boys & my skin and nails are in an improved condition. My nails are typically fairly brittle & they've gained some strength (yayy nail gains!) & my skin is clearer so :D!!! Buy it. Just do it! Take it :) stuff is great

Fantastic V

These puppies are filled with the good stuff that your body can actually use. They are easy to swallow and make your hair and nails strong as well as grow! Thank you, Prez for the slaptastic vitamins!

Totally Works

We all know it takes a little bit of time to notice a change once we start using a supplement, right? Well, I've taken these religiously every day for almost 6 months now, and I seriously see the difference in my hair/skin/nail health. My hair and nails are stronger and my skin clearer. Finally! A multivitamin that your body actually absorbs and benefits from.

The bestest

Absolutely love these multi-vitamins! No stench going in or out! I totally feel completely nourished, more so than tons of others I've tried. I never, ever want to run out. Best. Vitamins. Ever.

Makes my nails grow!

My nails are straight crap, but when I started taking Her-V, suddenly they were long-n-strong. When I ran out, it didn't take but 3 days for two of them to break and that day I swore I'd never be without this stuff again.