Tired of ingredients you can't pronounce? Sick of BS proprietary blends? What about the insane amounts of cheap, artificial sweeteners that are not in any way good for you, being used to make SuperAmazingCakeFilledMoltenLava flavored supplements? Over the false claims of dramatic muscle growth using some "unique" ingredient that came out of a meteor that only one supplement company has? Having a tough time with the claims of "science" for miracle tubs on sale for $19.99? How about those "Time Released" supplements that somehow know when to work right after you watch Saturday morning cartoons? What about the fancy tech labels with shiny fonts and photo-shopped athletes on them from 10 years ago? Those are some of our favorites. Well, we we're sick of them too, that's why we started SLAP NUTRITION, LLC.

We used to be customers of those other brands. Well, we're not anymore, so SLAP was created by folks who wanted to stop getting slapped around by the nutrition industry and start slapping back for the little guy. The industry has a bad rap for a reason, and it's not because the black, red and silver tubs all over the "nutrition" store shelves, with their shiny, flashy labels and fonts are full of amazing ingredients and made by companies that care about your heath. That's for sure, bro. Ask yourself why everyone is always yelling "we're going to CHANGE the industry!". We'll tell you why, because it needs to be changed. You could make the labels out of crayons as long as they don't make you bloat and your stomach churn, because it's what's on the inside of the tub that matters, not the shine and delusions of grandeur on the outside, bro.

So here we are……Not taking ourselves too seriously, having fun, and Slapping the Nutrition Industry One WHEY or Another. Our goal is very simple: We want to give you an amazing experience with a supplement company that we personally never got from any of the 9,589 other brands out there. And we do it with old school basic graphics and limited ingredients. And we use words like Bro and Homeslice, because it's fun.