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Do you even RELAX, BRO? You should chill out with this Keep Calm and SLAP On STACK. Pick your method of relax and recovery, Homeslice.


*Full nutrition and allergen information on each specific product page, bro.

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Slap Stack

I purchased this stack because it seemed like the best value and I wanted to get a great overview of the Slap products. The reason for the current 4 stars is because I haven't yet tried all the products in the Stack. But what I have tried, I'm really im impressed with! The Slap pyramid Hour BCAA is a bit overwhelming flavor wise, so I tend to water it down, but I'm also new to trying BCAA so it might be a tolerance thing. I LOVE the Super Slapfood in Slapple Cider flavor. And the Relax,Bro magnesium helped me sleep well the very first night. Excellent value and I'm loving the all natural products!

Keep Calm and Slap on Stack

one of the best greens powders I have ever tasted! no nasty aftertaste at all! Love the clean ingredients in the BCAA and other supplements!!