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Dude, do you know who named this product? Our customers, that's who. And why would they spell it "ballz"? Well, if you know anything about SLAP!, you know exactly why. If you don't, you might want to phone a friend, homie. Listen, we never really talk about our products in these product descriptions, and you know that, but you buy them anyway. Should we go off the reservation on this one and talk about the actual product here? Oh my. Ok then, let's talk about this amino shall we? We shall. It's grape. It's fun. It's not disgustingly sweet. It's light. It's fruity. It's dope. It's satisfying, refreshing, and makes you want to keep drinking it. It's got BCAAs and glutamine in it. It's also got caffeine. It's really good. It's called an amino matrix. Why? Because that sounds a whole heck of a lot cooler than "Grape BCAA with Glutamine plus Caffeine", lol. Plus glutamine and bcaas are both aminos, did you even know that? Do you even?

And in case you were wondering, it's 2:1:1 with the BCAA ratio there, Homeslice. 

Net Weight 300g - Dietary Supplement - 30 Servings


 *Due to the PRE-ORDER nature of this product, final testing is still in process (yeah we actually test our stuff, bro). From an allergens standpoint, while we expect our shizzle to be Gluten Free/Soy Free, we won't know until the final batch is made and tested, homie. If that causes any issues for you for any reason, just let us know and we can cancel your preorder for you, no questions asked, homeslice. Booyah.





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