Do you even want multiple flavor choices each month with your Pre-Workouts, bro? You can buy them separately, but, wouldn't you rather buy them together and save some coin? Yeah, we thought so.

This stack gives you two of these badboys for a great price.


SLAPUCCINO V2 - The Original Natural Coffee Pre-Workout.  

SLAP-O-Lantern Spice - The Whole Pumkin Pie, Bro 

SLAPPY HOUR - Margarita - Because margaritas, need I say more?

SLAPPY HOUR - Pina Colada PWO + BCAA - If you like Pina Coladas......

SLAP! Halftime Orange Slice - Takes you back to when you were 12 and trying to score goals


*Please check each product page for information and allergen info on each specific product.

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Margarita pre workout

I freaking love this stuff! As a mom of three crazy boys, I needed some energy to help power through my workouts. I had tried a cheap chemical filled preworkout and it gave me the worst crash ever so I was nervous to try this, but there was no crash from taking it. It tastes awesome with no horrible side effects and really helps me kick ass. Classic case of you get what you pay for. I love how much the Prez cares about his customers too, that is important to me. Customer service was outstanding. I can somehow get my packages from OK, to HI in three days which is about a week quicker than Amazon prime takes. Awesome product, awesome company! #ballz


I love SLAP and everything they stand for! I was extremely impressed with the pre-workout stack and loved being able to pick two choices so I could have options. I ordered the marg and the pumpkin spice. I cannot wait to try the slapuccino soon! The price is great, the quality is great, and the fast shipping is great! Jason is also amazing and the company has wonderful customer service. They value quality and they care, can't think of a better combo than that!

Ultimate pre-workout

Taste is good and the energy is awesome! Do yourself a favor and try this out!

Great pre workout

The flavors are oddly unique, but I enjoyed the change. It will get you pumped and ready for the gym. The pumpkin was tasty with a little splash of almond milk.

Perfect balance

How many ingredients do you really need in your pre-workout? 10? 17? 20+?? How about sticking with the basics like Prez did here. Slappy Hour Margarita is great for the following reasons: Smooth sippin' (no clumps) - Tastes good (not like tile grout) - simple ingredients (aminos, flavoring and caffeine) - no jitters - no headaches. I've taken many pre-workouts...and had many weird side effects. Not with SLAP...one scoop was plenty to get me going and keep me going throughout my 2 hour workout. No crash either! The SLAP-O-Lantern Spice is great when I do fasting cardio @ 5:00am. Tastes great in coffee too! Trust me on this...don't go for the 300+ mg of caffeine with proprietary blend. Been there...done that. Didn't taste good or feel good. Trust in SLAP!

Holy Balls

So so so good! Gives me mad energy and tastes delicious..definitely getting it again. I love this company and everything that it stands for.


To be perfectly honest, I'm not a huge pumpkin fan in general and the pumpkin spice pre-workout is spot on! I love that only natural ingredients are used and the uniqueness of the brand was very appealing. Already have my preorder in for the marg PWO and cannot wait until it arrives - even though I just got my double pack! :)

Amazing and natural - A+ in my book

I love all the products. Love that it was fast shipping, personal, and they gave me samples of other products!