Relax, Bro is currently on BACKORDER getting a label face-lift until mid October. Yep, it's getting BROtox for its wrinkles, lol.

You can still order it though and we'll ship it to you the minute it comes in, dude.

Does your mind constantly race with a thousand thoughts a minute? Do you suffer from headaches a lot? When you lay in bed do you have trouble sleeping because you can't quiet your mind?

Do you have trouble focusing on just one thing at a time? Do you get constipated? (TMI Bro, but whatever) Are you a human being?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, then Relax, Bro could be for you, bro. Magnesium could help with re-balancing body chemistry, could help folks go to the bathroom more regularly, could assist in headache relief, the list goes on and on (it does bro, just roll with it). And, unlike other leading brands on the market that taste bitter, metallic, and leave you gasping for breath in the morning from the chalkfest left over in your mouth, ours isn't any of those fun things. Ours is simply SLAPTASTIC.


Net Wt 225g

50 Servings

Dietary Supplement 

Gluten Free, Soy Free


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I think this might be my absolute favorite Slap supplement. That says a lot because I love so many of the products. As an anxious person who often has trouble sleeping at night, this absolutely helps me 100% of the time. I use it almost every weeknight. I fall asleep quickly and I stay asleep until the morning. I feel rested when I wake up. It also has added benefits for recovery, and gut health.

Improves my sleep quality!

Although I don't have trouble falling asleep, my sleep quality isn't always great. I've been taking Slap Magnesium for months, and I always notice that when I take it I wake up feeling well-rested! And if I am going on a plane, I try and take this before and I sleep like a baby through the whole flight! Definitely recommend.

Relax Bro.

I can not remember the last time I had a good nights sleep. Relax Bro has shown me what I have been missing. It is an amazing product that I would recommend to everybody that can not sleep. I actually now look forward to going to bed knowing I no longer will toss and turn both body and mind.

Love it!

Absolutely love this supplement from Slap!! It helps me sleep better at night, which has made my morning lifts that much better! And it tastes amazing too.


This stuff is a game changer!! My wife and I normally go to bed exhausted and then lay there for 2 hours trying to figure out why we are still awake. After taking this stuff, we go to sleep much sooner and feel so rested in the morning. I've never taken magnesium before, but you will NOT catch us without it anymore. You'll want this stuff on auto ship, it's THAT awesome! Also..If you have issues with your bowels.... Look no further. Quality poops happening because of Relax, bro!!!

love it

I thought about trying this product for a while now and I wish I had done it sooner. My mind is always going. Especially at night, and especially when my husband is deployed. I have been mixing this with hot water before bed for a week or two and have experienced some of the best and deepest sleep I've had in the last 6 months probably. It's delicious and I definitely feel more relaxed before bed and during the day. I absolutely love this stuff ❤

So thankful I found this product!!

I had heard of magnesium heling with anxiety and relaxation but was skeptical of it. I've been dealing with anxiety problems for over 10 years and have been all of the medications you can think of. I finally stop taking them about a year ago because of was sick of how they made me feel and the horrible weight gain & side effects that came with it. Since then I still have had problems with anxiety and needed a different solution than going back on meds, then I found Relax, Bro. I waited and talked to my doc to see if Magnesium would be a good choice to try and she gave me the go ahead. Placed my order and I am now on day 6 of taking it and I could not be happier. This helps me relax my mind at night, doesn't make me sleepy, but because I'm able to relax I am able to sleep hard! I am not having as much anger or anxiety lately, even a co-worker commented me being more at ease and in a better mood lately. I cannot thank Slap Nutrition enough for releasing this product. Has seriously helped me more than I thought it would! Thanks dude!! P.S. I like the taste! It's not overpowering or super bland, I love having it hot at night!

Relax, Bro

Having been using this product for some time now and can see a noticeable difference in my sleep pattern.......love the lemon/blueberry taste and would recommend it to those looking for a "sleep aid" with the sluggish drug effect of most sleep products...