Relax, Bro is currently on BACKORDER getting a label face-lift until mid October. Yep, it's getting BROtox for its wrinkles, lol.

You can still order it though and we'll ship it to you the minute it comes in, dude.

Does your mind constantly race with a thousand thoughts a minute? Do you suffer from headaches a lot? When you lay in bed do you have trouble sleeping because you can't quiet your mind?

Do you have trouble focusing on just one thing at a time? Do you get constipated? (TMI Bro, but whatever) Are you a human being?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, then Relax, Bro could be for you, bro. Magnesium could help with re-balancing body chemistry, could help folks go to the bathroom more regularly, could assist in headache relief, the list goes on and on (it does bro, just roll with it). And, unlike other leading brands on the market that taste bitter, metallic, and leave you gasping for breath in the morning from the chalkfest left over in your mouth, ours isn't any of those fun things. Ours is simply SLAPTASTIC.


Net Wt 225g

50 Servings

Dietary Supplement 

Gluten Free, Soy Free


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Relax, Bro... it's bomb.com

I've taken magnesium tablets and tried other powders and none compare to Relax, Bro. It's delicious, mixed well - doesn't taste like crushed chalk, and you feel the effects as quick as you at hiccups after eating cold pizza. I get the best nights sleep and with the little amount of time I have each night it helps provide QUALITY SLEEP.

Great sleep supplement!!

I started taking this before bed and now i have excellent sleeps! I remember my dreams, don't wake up in the middle of the night, it's le bomb. Tastes delicious too!

So good!

I loved this product! Okay, to be honest, there is a little hint of a soapy taste? Maybe more when it's hot. I mix it with a sleepy time tea and that really helps. It is still good on its own, but definitely taste better hot in my opinion. I will be buying this regularly because its become a part of my night time routine. Taste aside, it is so calming. You won't regret trying!

Stuff works

I had never dabbled in magnesium before Relax, Bro, and as always with Slap products, I am pleasantly surprised! I can tell when I drink this before bed, because I fall asleep harder and deeper. It doesn't stay mixed perfectly, which is by no means a deal-breaker for me. Just a little chalky. Whatever. Shake it up again. And the flavor is good, but Lemon-berry isn't something I'd immediately associate with bedtime. But again, whatever. It works. Recommend.

Buy this!

Seriously, if you are a human you need this. I struggle every night to go to bed, because my mind is racing. With this though, it calms me and slows my thoughts down , so that I can fall asleep. Plus I suffer from extreme migraines and unfortunately I have had some bad side effects from the prescription meds that my doctor put me on. Taking this daily has drastically cut my migraines down and they are no where near as serve as they once were. One more thing, it taste delicious and is smooth compared to any other brand I've tried.

Great tasting way to get magnesium!

There are many benefits to taking a magnesium supplement (Google it). My issue with this is, it tastes like a refreshing beverage that should be enjoyed while kicked back with a cool breeze running through your hair on your day off sitting under an umbrella....oh and served in a fancy glass jar with a twisted straw. Wow. I just relaxed by talking about it. I feel better now.

Tastes ok, but doesn't help with sleep

I really needed this to work! I am a terrible sleeper, so I was really hoping this would do the trick. Sadly, it did not. I have tried it cold and warm. The flavor is just ok-a strange bland lemonade, more suited to cold than hot temps. I didn't find the powder to dissolve well in hot or cold water. I'll keep trying it since I have it, but I wasn't more calm, tired, relaxed, or anything.

College Student/athlete DREAM

As a college student, bodybuilding competitor, mother, and business owner my days are EXHAUSTING to say the least. I get worn down easy from health issues as it is but this little guy has been helping me sleep so much lately. I've used it consistently for a little over a month and I haven't felt better! I wake up with my toddler feeling like I actually got a full 8 hours of sleep, even though it was roughly 6 Hah! The taste is great, especially for it being before bed. The consistency is perfect for taking my nightly vitamins too!