Brand Jumping is nothing new to the supplement industry. It’s been part of the business for many years. What is new, though, is the amount and frequency of brand jumping that’s seemingly happening in the market today. Everyday. It’s a lot easier to spot and much more noticeable today given the amount of social media that brands are using. Instagram is huge playground for fitness and it’s where the jumping is most noticeable. Take a few days off and you’ll no doubt come back to find people you follow that were just with brand X and now are pimping brand Y codes. And not just a few people, hundreds and sometimes thousands, of them. Brand jumping is expected in this business. The sheer scale and volume of the jumpers these days is not.

Does it really matter that someone firing off a discount code from brand X is now pimping one for brand Y? Depends on who you ask. Some folks don’t care one bit about what products anyone reps. You see that in the IG’ers with 32,000 followers who post a supplement and get 6 likes. Those folks have already done something, besides supplement slinging, to alienate the other 31,994 followers. Point is, they just don’t care if they are using motor oil or whey protein. Some folks absolutely do. Many followers follow people because of their workouts and they do care what supplements people use in their daily routine. To those folks, the creditability, or lack thereof, of that athlete brand jumping absolutely matters. “OMG, I only use brand Y to get me to the stage” and everyone else is like “wait, you just used brand X three days ago”. Yes, it matters and yes it’s obvious. If you don’t think so, the only, and I mean only person you’re fooling is…you.

So some people care if you’re a brand jumper and other people don’t care. You know who should care? Once again…You. I think a lot of people in this business forget that they are marketing themselves, as much as they are marketing a 25% off discount code for “thermonuclearwildberrybourbonblast” aminos that are the “Best in the market, hands down!” (PS, all supplements are the best in the market, don’t forget hands down, just fyi, lol). It seems, at least to me (my opinion only here, Homies) is that some people’s quest for instant fame and glory totally trumps their personal reputations, character, and their credibility with people who actually do care about them. I don’t see the point of having 50,000 followers if no one gives a hoot about you or your fitness, especially if they started following you for …..wait for it…. your fitness. I can go buy 50,000 fake followers right now (hold on, do you take Amex???, lol) who don’t give a rat’s tushy about SLAP. Don’t ever give people a reason to doubt your credibility. You can’t get it back. If you think that yelling “OMG, brand X is all I use, get 25% off my code” and then yelling “OMG, brand Y is the, use my code for 25%” like 3 days later doesn’t hurt your credibility with people, well, I’d say you’re wrong. It does whether you believe it does or not. Take it from me, I see it every day and I talk to our athletes about what they see and who they follow and it does leave an impression on people. Some people that jump all the time just look foolish, and well, desperate. Desperate for a brand. This brand. Got it. Now I want that brand. Got it. I’ll use this brand to get to that brand. Plus, not all these brands are the same. So what are you telling people about what you stand for? If you stand for everything, you stand for nothing (you can quote me on that, just use two fingers in air quotes, thanks). Listen, for every person bolstered by a brand name and shot to the top of the industry, there’s 100,000 people that go about it the wrong way and alienate the heck out of everyone, including other brands that you now don’t have a shot with anymore.

I’m a firm believer that people should use what they want and use what they love to use, but I'm also a believer that people that show loyalty to a brand are special people. They are special because brand loyalty rarely exists in this business. People that are loyal stick out like a sore thumb, at least to me. Those people never give me, or anyone else, a chance to doubt their credibility. I like that. And to me, credibility is worth a whole lot more than a 25% discount code that you can get from any brand who hands them out by the thousands.