We're having an Instagram contest that's going to be 45 days of becoming the very best YOU. It's called #SLAP45DAYS1

Here's how it's going to go down on Instagram, Homies: 

Starting May 1, and anytime thereafter during the 45 days, in order to ENTER the contest, you'll need to:

1) POST a photo on Instagram of your GOALS for the 45 days. These can be any goals, mental, physical, etc. This contest is about you, so they are your goals to challenge. The photo can be words, pictures, selfies, whatever you want, just make sure your goals are on it; its your ticket into the dance.

2) On the initial post, and every post you make thereafter, HASHTAG the following: #SLAP45DAYS1 #SLAPNUTRITION 

(*Note- If your account on Instagram is "private" your photos will not show up on those tag pages, so tag @slapnutrition.prez and @slapnutrition so that we can follow your progress)

3) Post your progress as much as you want, whenever you want. This contest is about you, just make sure you use the tags so we can track your progress. 

4) Since this contest is about rediscovering yourself, losing your fears, and moving forward with your heath and well being, we're going to have a ton of sales over the next 45 days to help you 'supplement' your efforts. Some will be blatant and some won't show up until you checkout, so pay attention to what we have going on around here. lol. It's going to change all the time, but we're going to give you plenty of incentives over the 45 days to help you. 

5) It's a SLAP/YEP/WW Brand contest, so we only ask that you be a customer, new or returning, purchase and use at least one of our products during the 45 days. Think of it as a "proof of purchase" for entry.

6) You can enter the contest anytime between May 1, 2017 - June 15, 2017.

7) On June 15th, you need to POST your accomplishments towards your initial goals, as a FINAL contest post.

8) Two winners will be selected based on who we think has made an amazing transformation, both physically and mentally, but also we'll be looking for folks who stepped out of their comfort zone and who maybe tried something they've always wanted to, but were scared to death to. Folks who can let go of things that are holding them back. Folks who take control of their lives. People who leave bad and unhealthy relationships behind. The cool thing is no matter who wins on paper, everyone is going to have rediscovered themselves and taken a risk; and become happier and healthier for it.

9) The winner will receive $500 worth of SLAP/YEP/WW supplements. The runner-up will receive $150 worth of supps.

Good luck to everyone and we can't wait to see you become the person you want to be and more importantly who you're supposed to be. Don't settle for anything in your life: people, relationships, jobs, careers, weight, health. Don't settle for any of it; pick yourself up and go take what's supposed to be yours.