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Do you like pancakes, Bro? 

Are you Macho?

If the answers to these two questions are "um, yeah", then SLAP JACKS! Super Macho Protein Pancake Mix is for you. Loaded with pancake mix and macho-ness (not really a word), this Tub O' Awesome is what you have been waiting for. We have beards. We have axes. We have trees. We have Macho. Oh yeah, and we have some pretty tasty pancakes too with only the limited ingredients needed to make this Macho. But you already know it has limited ingredients, because we're SLAP and that's what we do, Homeslice. Are you tired of using protein pancake mix, or just protein in your own pancake mix, only to have your pancakes come out like rubber weapons? Do you post them and yell "Yummmmm!!!!" on Instagram, only to hang your head in shame because of those hockey puckcakes behind the scenes? We know, your friend Sally probably judges you over pancake aesthetics and moistness on the gram. So you have to fake it with those "other brands". It's ok. It is ok. It happens, homie; just know that you don't have to make those rubber pucks anymore. With ours, just add a smidge of water, bro. Maybe Sally will be less judgmental. Our mix smells like magic and a billion dollars (if those had smells, bro just imagine it). If you've ever wondered what macho looks like, it's this mix. Oh and our directions are hilarious, just sayin'. Plus, this one is SAVAGE.

Savage Snickerdoodle - 7 Servings - 301g Net Wt. - Dietary Supplement

Gluten Free, Soy Free




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Snickerdoodle pancake mix

I had seen the snickerdoodle mix on Instagram and finally gave it a try. I was expecting it to taste just like other protein pancakes that I have tried but when I tried this mix I was blown away! The flavor is unlike any other protein mix. It tastes delicious and so easy to make in the mornings! Definitely going to be a returning customer for this one!


I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I bought this, but with Megan's suggestion I bought this and definitely well worth it. Tasted great' will definitely try another flavor after I finish this one!


Honestly the best pancake mix I've ever bought. I can't say enough good things about this. As soon as I tried the snickerdoodle I went on and added the other flavors to my cart to order with my next purchase. You need these in your life!


I mean, if you like dry AF, cardboard like pancakes then these might not be the best fit for you BRO. SUPER FLUFFY, thick, and THE PERFECT amount of cinnamon flavor. Can be made in less than 5 minutes by just adding water so its perfect if you are not feeling very #fitspo and just want to be a #fitscouchpotato


Super cinnamony and yummy! Can't go wrong!

For The Discerning Macho Man or Woman

You rip open the tub and instantly the seductive scent of cinnamon-y vanilla goodness savagely assaults your nostrils. Your mustache quivers in anticipation as you throw a scoop and some water into a tin cup and stir it with your pocketknife. No need for fancy tools. You grab a cast iron skillet and grease it up with some bear fat like the macho mountaineer you are as you plunk the skillet onto the wood stove and stoke the fire. The sizzle of the batter as it hits the skillet makes your mouth water. The pancakes bubble. You flip them with the same pocketknife you stirred the batter with because you are macho. Plate? You don't need a plate. You pick up the steaming slapjack barehanded* and devour it without any of those fancy trimmings like syrup or whipped cream because man, it's just that good. Stay Macho. Eat Slapjacks. *not recommended. please use a spatula and enjoy responsibly.


It's like heaven on the lips. So just try it already.

If you don't own these, you're doing life wrong

Just like its predecessor White Chocolate, these snickerdoodles do not disappoint. Easy to make, even easier to devour