Do you like pancakes, Bro? 

Are you Macho?

If the answers to these two questions are "um, yeah", then SLAP JACKS! Super Macho Protein Pancake Mix is for you. Loaded with pancake mix and macho-ness (not really a word), this Tub O' Awesome is what you have been waiting for. We have beards. We have axes. We have trees. We have Macho. Oh yeah, and we have some pretty tasty pancakes too with only the limited ingredients needed to make this Macho. But you already know it has limited ingredients, because we're SLAP and that's what we do, Homeslice. Are you tired of using protein pancake mix, or just protein in your own pancake mix, only to have your pancakes come out like rubber weapons? Do you post them and yell "Yummmmm!!!!" on Instagram, only to hang your head in shame because of those hockey puckcakes behind the scenes? We know, your friend Sally probably judges you over pancake aesthetics and moistness on the gram. So you have to fake it with those "other brands". It's ok. It is ok. It happens, homie; just know that you don't have to make those rubber pucks anymore. With ours, just add a smidge of water, bro. Maybe Sally will be less judgmental. Our mix smells like magic and a billion dollars (if those had smells, bro just imagine it). If you've ever wondered what macho looks like, it's this mix. Oh and our directions are hilarious, just sayin'. Plus, this one has chocolate chips in it, bro.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumble - 7 Servings - 329.35g Net Wt. - Dietary Supplement

Gluten Free. 

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Not only are the macros amazing on this product but the flavor is INSANE! Tasty as hell! Don't miss out!

Amazing pancakes!

This makes amazing pancakes! They don't have that whey protein taste to them, and the chocolate chips inside just make them extra delicious. Only thing I'll caution people on: if you like a thick batter, add small amounts of water at a time. Adding more than 1/4 cup per scoop will make them very liquidy. Great job Prez!!

Slap Jacks ah-maze!

If you're reading reviews to help you make a decision whether to buy or not... the answer is buy these immediately!! You will not be disappointed! I love that there is a delicious option for pancakes that is super macro friendly - especially for people like me who are on poverty macros right now! These fit the bill perfectly and make me feel like I'm not deprived of yummy goodness.

Love these Slap Jacks!

The snickerdoodle is pretty good but chocolate chip is where it's at. These are so good I make a weekly batch to bring serving sizes to work. My only problem is that the container isn't big enough and I go through it so fast!


I love all the slapjacks, but the chocolate chip cookie crumble has been my favorite lately! Packed with real chocolate chips, so easy to make, so delicious! Good as mugcakes and waffles as well!


OK PEOPLE. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER. I have had these, the white chocolate, and the blueberry... All of which I totally recommend.. BUTTTTTTT these are my favorite. I am a chocolate person as is. But these remind me of when I used to go out to breakfast and get chocolate chip pancakes. Perfect amount of chocolate chips.

Can I give it 1 million stars?!!

Seriously y'all, this stuff is stuuuuupppid good! I love all the pancake mixes and this one is my favorite. How Prez works his magic on all this tastiness I'll never know but IDC as long as I get to eat pancakes