L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid used in the synthesis of protein which supports muscle production.

Glutamine is ideal for athletes, folks engaged in exercise, and/or SLAPPERS concerned about slowing down effects of aging.


Net Wt 250g - Dietary Supplement

Gluten Free, Soy Free

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My Little Buddy

Awesome for muscle recovery - and virtually tasteless so you can sneak it into whatever you want! Recommend 20 out of 10.


I can absolutely feel the difference in my performance and recovery when using this. I typically mix it with the Sangria creatine.


Love this product! It's flavorless so I can add it to my protein shakes or coffee without compromising the flavor.

One of my must-haves

I take Slap glutamine every day! Not only helps with muscle recovery, but it really helps with gut health and keeping my tummy happy! I either put it in my shakes, smoothies, or at the end of the day just mix it in with my relax bro magnesium in water!

My forever companion

I was really skeptical about buying this product and moreso because I didn't feel I needed it. But as my training progressed I realized that just whey and foam rolling alone wasn't enough to ease my muscles. I started adding abou 1tbsp to each of my whey shakes and it's perfect. I rarely feel sore anymore and when I do it's for 24 hours max. I take bcaas as well which does help with recovery but adding this little white powder has made all the difference. It's all really funny because it really does look like cocoaine when traveling.

Love it!

I have never used this before so I thought what the hell let's try it. Everything else from Slap is the

Best glutamine!

I have had tried other glutamine before finding slap. The thing I love about slap glutamine is that it mixes in well, and there is little taste. I use it daily!!

One of My Daily Essentials

Love this product! I take a serving of it daily to help with muscle recovery, etc. I love to add it to muffins, waffles, oatmeal, coffee, etc-- it goes with anything since it's flavorless! I also know that by buying this (or anything else) through this company, that I am getting the best possible products and ingredients that make them up. Gotta love that kind of reliability! :)