L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid used in the synthesis of protein which supports muscle production.

Glutamine is ideal for athletes, folks engaged in exercise, and/or SLAPPERS concerned about slowing down effects of aging.


Net Wt 250g - Dietary Supplement

Gluten Free, Soy Free

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Awesome Product!!

This stuff is great!! It truly is flavorless and mixes well!! Will definitely be using this product from now on!

Great Product!

Can easily add to your protein shake.


If you are working out at all you need this stuff. As someone who is getting back into the fitness life style, I've been waking up sore so many morning and questioning, "Doing I really want to workout today?"... Since I started taking this I have not woke up feeling sore and because of that I'm pushing myself even harder! I will continue purchasing this supplement that's for sure! Bonus it's just the supplement no other "junk" added into this!!!

Awesome Addition to Workout Stack

easy to use and combine with BCAA's. Dissolves quickly, flavorless powder allows for any combination of flavor you prefer. Small serving size allows product to last a long time.


SO PERFECT! I love the fact that it is unflavored - allowing me to mix it with my Slap BCAAs and flavor it with whatever I choose! I will be coming back for more! This is one of the 2 supplements I take, and I really enjoy it.


Slap glutamine is fantastic!!!! I take very few supplements because I often wonder if they really make a difference, but after experiencing extended soreness after lifts I started taking slap glutamine. The difference it has made in my recovery kind of amazed me. At first I thought maybe I was just slacking in my lifts and thats why I was recovering faster, but I wasn't!! I'm a little bummed I didn't start using this months ago, but, hey, cant change the past. As a side note, no taste means NO taste, which is awesome. There is also no funky after-taste or anything.

love this!

this stuff is just what i need. no fluff, nothing extra, just what it says. and being unflavored makes it even more fabulous allowing me to add it to whatever i please!!

Great product, great value!

SLAP's L-Glutamine powder is unflavored and mixed in easily with any liquid. Best I've tried and don't plan on switching!