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 Do you even pumpkin pie, bro?

 We wanted something different. We didn't want the fruit punch and watermelon flavored aritificial sugar Pre-Workout drinks everyone else has. It had to be legit. It had to be awesome.

 So we created SLAP-O-Lantern Spice Pre-Workout. Seasonal? Nah, it's #basic.

 It tastes like spiced pumpkin pie; but like the whole pie though, whipped cream too.

 And it's got limited ingredients, but we're SLAP Nutrition, so you already knew that.





60 Servings


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Want VS Need

Answer: Need. I debated on buying this for a LONG time. But, I'm a penny pincher and thought "coffee is working for now". As my work days got longer I needed something stronger, and wouldn't land me in jail. Thus the prompting in purchase of this beautiful masterpiece. Compliments to the chef. I drink it hot or cold because I'm messed up like that. It gives me energy and not the meth itches, which I dig. 10/10 would recommend.


Love what it does, not crazy for the taste!

It's greaaaaaatttt

I love the flavor! It's spot on, bro!


This pre-workout is like drinking dessert!! When they say its the whole pumpkin pie, even the whip cream they are NOT lying!! Highly recommend

Dessert before a workout? YES please!

This product amazed me as soon as I opened the seal and caught the scent of REAL pumpkin spice! The mix-ability of of this pre-workout is incredible; just a few shakes in any bottle and you've got yourself a delicious pumpkin spice drink. The taste is so on point, I had to do an infamous double take to make sure I was actually drinking a pre-workout caffeinated beverage. The ingredients and their purpose in the product are wonderfully (and hilariously) spelled out for any supplement newbie. It gives me the perfect amount of tingles and just the right amount of caffeine to get me through a loaded workout, but not have jitters post. Basically, you get to have dessert before any workout, have great sustained energy throughout, and know that only clean ingredients are being used. 10/10

You should probably go by this right now

Taste is amazing, works like a pumpkin flavored charm. While you are at it, order the Slapucinno preworkouy as well and make a half n half cocktail. Perfection.

It tastes like pumpkin spice...like it says

No surprises here, people! If you like pumpkin stuff, you'll like this flavor. The end. This product doesn't give me the jitters and generally makes me more alert. This does contain beta-alanine so your skin will get tingly, Bro.

Calling all Basic Bs!

When you think pumpkin spice I would assume you are thinking of the artificial shit storm Starbucks created right? The fake taste of Basic... This flavor right here is LEGIT! It tastes like a real pumpkin pie PLUS gives me the energy to bust my basic booty in the gym. I like to pair with the salted Carmel BCAAS and a splash of Slapachinno