Do you even pumpkin pie, bro?

 We wanted something different. We didn't want the fruit punch and watermelon flavored aritificial sugar Pre-Workout drinks everyone else has. It had to be legit. It had to be awesome.

 So we created SLAP-O-Lantern Spice Pre-Workout. Seasonal? Nah, it's #basic.

 It tastes like spiced pumpkin pie; but like the whole pie though, whipped cream too.

 And it's got limited ingredients, but we're SLAP Nutrition, so you already knew that.





60 Servings


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Pumpkin spice!

Great taste! Effective product but still clean and simple no additives

Just call me Basic

I had to buy this Bc I'm that basic. It smelled heavenly and then I mixed it with water and tastes awful. I've since learned to just down it Bc I drink it for the tingles and not the taste. It works great. Just not a fan of the taste. Says the girl that loves all things pumpkin.

Do you even pumpkin spice bro?

Effective, tasty and addictive. Great preworkout or for an afternoon pick me up PSL healthy latte.

Might be the most basic thing I own...

Call me basic all you want to ordering and loving this; I just say I have really good taste- because this stuff is delicious! It gives me great energy without making me feel like I'm on a sugar rush or vibrating off the wall. Embrace your inner basic B and just order some. (and if you're extra; order it year round, like me :D) This is my close second favorite pre-workout flavor here; the margarita one takes the cake for first place for sure, but this is a good way to mix it up.

Want VS Need

Answer: Need. I debated on buying this for a LONG time. But, I'm a penny pincher and thought "coffee is working for now". As my work days got longer I needed something stronger, and wouldn't land me in jail. Thus the prompting in purchase of this beautiful masterpiece. Compliments to the chef. I drink it hot or cold because I'm messed up like that. It gives me energy and not the meth itches, which I dig. 10/10 would recommend.


Love what it does, not crazy for the taste!

It's greaaaaaatttt

I love the flavor! It's spot on, bro!


This pre-workout is like drinking dessert!! When they say its the whole pumpkin pie, even the whip cream they are NOT lying!! Highly recommend