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Remember when that famous orange electrolyte drink used to taste like winning soccer games, but now it tastes like a hangover and regret? This pre-workout tastes nothing like that. Come with me and take a trip back to your youth, where during that cold, blustery Saturday morning soccer game, against the team with better uniforms than you, that had the kid with the mustache who looked 25 (as his parents forged his 11 year old birth certificate on the hood of their Honda in the side parking lot), you had an important game to play. Have that visual yet? Ok, so you remember vividly getting kicked in the shins by F***** Brian, who would run up to the ball and wildly kick anything that moved, including your #ballz (but not the actual soccer ball), whilst Karen, the bag of d*****, stood in goal twirling her hair and chewing a bag of Hubba Bubba? Well as much as that sh*t was crazy, and true, it didn’t matter that the mustache kid had 17 goals scored against you already; the only thing that mattered was running to the sideline and getting Karen’s mom’s bag of sliced oranges at halftime. And her mom never brought enough for the team, so you’d have to use ninja techniques to wrestle the last peel off the ground from Scotty (who wore diapers to the game for some reason). The Halftime oranges were the only thing that mattered, bro. Just like this pre-workout. 

30 Servings - Net Wt 270g - Dietary Supplement

Gluten Free, Soy Free

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