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One 12 serving Whey Isolate (choice)

One 27 Serving Whey Isolate (choice)

One Pre-Workout (choice)

One additional supplement of your choice, dude


The choice is yours.....you have chosen wisely.

*Please see each product page for supplement facts and product information before you buy this, bro*

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Stack it Up

Just do your wallet a favor and buy yourself the stack. You know you will buy all this stuff anyways. Highly recommend the Cinnamon Donut Whey and the Pina Coloda PWO.

Always Happy

So this was my 1st time trying each of the items in this stack. The strawberry mojito BCAAs I am very pleased with the flavor. Its got a really nice subtle mint to it which really puts off that mojito feel. The Orange PWO tastes like Tang which is so awesome! I get a really nice rush from this pwo and it lasts for my whole workout. Ive found myself pacing around between sets full of energy. The two protein flavors: vanilla &chocolate I am pretty happy with. The thing I love about the protein from Slap is that they are not so overwhelming. I can't stand protein but these are smooth and just the right amount of flavorful that I actually dont mind chugging them! :) good job prez!


This was a great stack at a great price and I'm really happy that I choose to buy it!


Love this stack because it's customizable. Vanilla Protein, Salted Caramel BCAAs and Slapuccino V2 mixed together is amazing!


This stack is perfect because it's customizable so you get to choose your personal favorites like Slapuccino V2, Salted Caramel BCAAs, and Vanilla Protein mixed together. Amazing!

Mixed feelings

Slappuccino v2 is maybe one of the most effective preworkouts I've taken. It is the only pre I've ever taken that can actually sustain my workouts right until the end. The smell and flavour is incredible. I don't know how you do it Prez, the simplest ingredients but the best performance! 5/5. 10/10. Whatever you want!!!!! Slappy Hour BCAA's in Strawberry Mojito. Here's where the mixed review comes in. I've tried this twice now hoping that maybe my tastebuds just need time to adjust and come off the aceK that I'm so used to. I can't say this is my favourite, but I am willing to keep giving it a try! It's a little chalky but maybe I also just need to shake the container. All in all, incredible profiles on all products. And really this is what I get for going against the grain and not ordering the salted caramel that everyone raves about.

Best customer service

These products taste awesome and without any nasty ingredients. I was very pleased and also I got bonus items too. Thanks Slap Nutrition I will be buying more in future.

Some of the best supplements i take

These supplements are the best. i am so glad that i was introduce to them. Thank Youtube and Lauren for that. Slap is a great company on top of the supplements with great people behind the brand.