This is the one and only (literally) SLAPPLE Pie A LA Mode. This ridiculousness in a tub is Peanut Cashew Coconut Spread aka nut buttaaaa. Listen up, this site is the only place on planet earth where you can get this flavor. Why? Because our friends at EPIC SPREADS (@epicspreads) made it just for SLAP!.....So there's that. Bam. Pow. SLAP! Put this on stuff or eat it right out of the jar, we don't even care...the choice is yours. 

How'd you like them apples? You're welcome.

PS- All of the chunks will settle to the bottom, so dig them up like you're Indiana Jones, Bro. 

*Supply is Limited*

308g - Approx 11 oz

Gluten Free

Allergens: Dude, this has nuts in it. You know that from the name and that fact it's a nut butter. So if you're allergic to nuts or trees or coconut, don't eat this spread, Bro.

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