The very first flavor in our new SLAPPY HOUR series, the Margarita Pre-Workout. SLAPPY HOUR; where we're going to offer some fruity drink type powder solutions that aren't the typical artificially flavored and sweetened fruit punch and watermelon powders that 9,828 other supplement companies all have. Oh, man let's get some fruit punch and watermelon bro. Um, no. Let's not.


Do you even Margarita, bro? You will now.


And yeah, there's no alcohol in this, so stop acting wheysted in the squat rack, Homeslice.



30 Servings 

Net Weight 189g

Gluten Free. Soy Free



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My one & only

I have been obsessed with Slappy Hour Margarita pre-workout since the day I tried it. I love that I feel the buzz & get an awesome pump. In the past prior to discovering Slap I would try other brands & some of them made me feel horrible. I have never had that problem with Slap. Thank you for making amazing products! Forever a customer.

Pre workout

Seems like I am one of the few people who didn't get anything out of this pre. I honestly felt like the flavor was bad and after a week of using it, I still didn't get a good pump from it. Maybe others will have better luck than me.

Tastes as good as it sounds

This is actually amazing! Never have I ever been able to find a "sucralose"/garbage free PRE-WORKOUT...until NOW! Although I am not one to use a pre-workout daily it is freaking delicious! Light and yummy taste, mixes well too! What more could you want? Give er' a go!

Legit Delish

First of all, let me say how much I love the fact that all these BCAA, Pre workouts and Creatine flavors mix so well together. Love this pre workout

Oh Snap, it's Slap!

I absolutely love this product!!! The flavor - bomb, the tingles from the beta alanine - on point, and most importantly, the ingredients - CLEAN! And if ALL of that still isn't enough to crank your wheel, let me tell you about their customer service - IMPECCABLE, truly! I would, without reservation, recommend this product!


YESSSS! I love this preworkout so far! It's definitely helping me push through and smash my workouts! I also super appreciated how fast shipping was! I am excited to get through this batch and try other flavors! Thanks Slap!

Best Pre-Workout Yet!

I love this pre-workout! Not only does it taste great (not overly sweet like most), but it does not make me jittery or feel sick at all! Will continue buying this from now on!

Party in my mouth

I have all of the slap preworkouts, and the margarita is my all time favorite. It mixes well with the sangria creatine and the strawberry monitor bcaas. I always make sure I'm stocked up in case it sells out! 10000% recommend