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Our very first flavor of Creatine Monohydrate and we're pretty stoked about it. Listen bro, there have been many studies done to try and determine which dosage of creatine will give people a higher performance level. We don't claim science, dosages, studies or talk about performance levels with our products. Some companies talk about "loading" phases (ie using it X times per day for so many days and then Y times per day for more days) but here at SLAP, we'll never put something like that on a label. Everyone is different and there are a lot of studies and a lot of myths out there regarding creatine, so be careful what you read on the world wide web, bro. We will tell you that creatine absorbs well when taken with carbs and a cool time to take it is post workout. If you are new to Creatine, it's an amino acid-like compound that supports energy production within muscles; and the theory behind it is that it can possibly help the body’s capacity to perform high intensity exercise while possibly also helping to build muscle. It's been around like 80 years and studied a lot, Homeslice.

If you've never had Sangria, it's an alcoholic beverage from Spanish origin that traditionally consists of red wine and chopped up fruit, sometimes also used with orange juice and brandy. It's like a big bowl of punch with all kinds of fruits in it. Well, this product here is a supplement so there's no alcohol in it dude, but we sure did our darnedest to make it taste like Sangria. We hope you'll agree it's pretty fancy and dope. There's also an angry Spanish bull and a red cape on the label, so there's that.


450g - 45 Servings 

Gluten Free

Soy Free



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