The Original Natural Coffee Pre-Workout...... SLAPUCCINO. 

You don't need all those crazy lab created chemicals to punch through walls and lift crazy weights!!! All you need is a SLAPUCCINO!!! 

In other words.............. COFFEE. 




60 Servings

Net Wt 300.6g

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Two for One!

Cup O Jo before the gym? COUNT IT! No jitters or crash, no artificial flavoring, or dyes. It gives me the taste I want and the energy and focus I need for my session. Highly recommend for all you coffee lovers!

Gets You Going

I don't take prework-out all the time, but we all have those days when the push is needed. Having said that a lot of my workouts are at 5 AM cause priorities, and the flavor is such an authentic coffee flavor that I wake up wanting to take it, absolutely love. I find one scoop really gets the bod tingling and I'm amped and ready to go. The amount of prepworkout samples I've tried is a little embarassing, but this one blows them all out of the park.

Caffeine without the shakes!

I love this pre workout. Well, to be honest it's the first I've ever tried. So the only thing I can compare it to is an actual cup of coffee. I will say that with coffee I get jittery/shaky in the middle of my workout and worse after. With this pre workout I got non of that. And it tastes great! Personally I like it with a bit of milk and half a scoop of the chocolate protein powder. With just water is a bit weird to me but still tastes great. I'll have to try v2 when I'm done with this one. Ps I started with a half scoop. Good starting place I think. As always, slap rules!

Works great

I have tried this for the first time ever and have finialy written a review after having it almost daily for a month. Flavor took a Bit to get used to as I'm usually accustomed to fruity overly sweet chemical laden pre workouts. But this one did the job really well. Had to start with one scoop at first as I could feel it working a bit too well after about 20 minutes. Still helped me get through my 1.5-2 hour workouts just fine. Only thing I didn't like was that it quickly turned to thick water slug if you didn't down it all within 5 minutes. But that wasn't a make or break for me. Pre ordering v2. Hopefully I can get it before this one runs out, hate to go back to the "other" pre workout before then.


Not a fan of the thickness, personally. Flavor could use a bit more coffee to it as well. It's like drinking pudding. ***Can't wait to see what version 2.0 is like.

Tingling goodness

I made the mistake of the first time doing 2 scoops and had the tingling sensation like crazy from the beta alanine . It woke me up for my 4:30 am workout and kept me going all through the day. I am obsessed with it but need to tone down the dosage. It taste amazing shaken up with 4 oz water 4 oz almond milk. Seriously better then iced starbucks. The only reason i am giving it 4 stars is because i think it is pricey, especially since you have to pay shipping cost and no where local can you buy Slap. I am super excited to try the samples of protein they sent with my Pre-workout. I am already ready to do another order for BCAAS and protein! I love that the product is all natural and will be replacing my Amino Energy. :)))) thank you so much for making natural products!

All the energy none of the junk.

This is the only preworkout I will ever use. I love the clean energy. No jitters, no chemicals. It tastes great. I drink a half scoop in the morning blended with milk and ice in place of my coffee.

My new favorite PWO

I love this stuff... it's unlike any other pre-workout I've tried in terms of taste and texture. Also, it works! I didn't know how it would compare to others in terms of effectiveness, but this stuff gets me pumped up! Can't wait to try the new version! *** I also like that it is a flavor that I can mix in with my protein when in a hurry.