New formula. Even more awesomeness.

When we first designed The Original Natural Coffee Pre-Workout - SLAPUCCINO, we wanted it to be different. Not like your average fruit punch or watermelon flavored sucralose pre-workout. So we made it thicker for more uses, ie ice cream, pudding, popsicles, etc. Well some folks liked it thick, but some folks wanted that amazing taste with a more traditional texture. So that's what we did. Except something happened with this version.... somehow, someway, it tastes like 5x better than the orginal, which was already like 5x better than anything else on the market. So by our math, add the 3, carry the one, that means this version is like 5x squared better, bro.

Oh, and this version even has a little "froth" to it for that added coffee feel. Yeah, you're welcome. 

Prepare to have your mind blown with V2.



60 Servings

Net Wt 301.2g

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