Buy Five and save some scratch!

Richer. Creamier. Sweeter. More Flavor. Still Natural, Bro. The New SLAP! was developed with your taste buds in mind. The days of having to buy artificially flavored and sweetened products in order for them to taste good, or sweet enough, are gone, bro. We'll stack our SLAP! up against any product in the market, including the #chemicalshitstorms. If you love the OG SLAP, you're going to be madly and crazy in love with this new SLAP! Like you might want to marry it. Ok that's weird, get a room, bro. 

Flavors: FIVE of our Seven Flavors dude (Random Selection, leave preferences in order notes and we'll do our best for you bro)

*Please see each product page for full nutritional information*


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Width: 12.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 8.00
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