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Richer. Creamier. Sweeter. More Flavor. Still Natural, Bro. The New SLAP! was developed with your taste buds in mind. The days of having to buy artificially flavored and sweetened products in order for them to taste good, or sweet enough, are gone, bro. We'll stack our SLAP! up against any product in the market, including the #chemicalshitstorms. If you love the OG SLAP, you're going to be madly and crazy in love with this new SLAP! Like you might want to marry it. Ok that's weird, get a room, bro. 

Flavor: Cinnamon Streusel Donut Whey Isolate

Dietary Supplement - 12 Servings - Net Wt 329g

Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free

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Get in my belly

This stuff is absolutely amazing! Love the flavor.


Love this flavor. It's true to taste and is really delicious. Doesn't taste fake. Doesn't hurt my stomach. Gotta love that.

Went through the tub in a week bro

It was that good. I am not the biggest protein powder pal of a gal but this flavor sold me. Just ask my car which looks like a meth lab for mixing it in shakes and oatmeal every day this week. The flavor and consistency got a major make over and i could not be more pleased. Bravo, Prez! You once again went above and beyond.


The new Slap Whey ISO has seriously far exceeded my expectations. I didn't think it could get much better than the original Whey, but I was proved wrong. I'm not big on just drinking protein with water, but I definitely could with this. It also makes hands down the best pancakes and waffles ever. The consistency and taste are spot on.

Could snort this

Honestly, the smell alone of this is intoxicating. It smells like a bakery shop of cinnamon goodies. I absolutely love this flavor. I mix it in with my oatmeal, put it in with my pancakes, or even just drink it as a shake alone. Mixes really well and shakes, is extremely smooth, and so yummy!


literally every flavor of the new whey is incredible, but this one is one of my favorites. it isn't overwhelmingly sweet but you can add it to almost anything and it makes it taste 10x better

Cinnamon Streusel

I'm in love!!! Seriously, Prez outdid himself with this one! I'm a Slappy Birthday addict, but had to try the donut flavor & it is SOOOOO amazingly delish!!

It taste like a donut!

I don't know how they did it but, you drink this and it and taste the cinnamon, then it has this after tatse of a glazed donut. Mind blowing good! Can't go wrong buying this flavor!!