Buy any two flavors of your choice, dude!

Richer. Creamier. Sweeter. More Flavor. Still Natural, Bro. The New SLAP! was developed with your taste buds in mind. The days of having to buy artificially flavored and sweetened products in order for them to taste good, or sweet enough, are gone, bro. We'll stack our SLAP! up against any product in the market, including the #chemicalshitstorms. If you love the OG SLAP, you're going to be madly and crazy in love with this new SLAP! Like you might want to marry it. Ok that's weird, get a room, bro. 

This is for two tubs of 12 Servings each SLAP!

*Please see each product page for full nutritional information*


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The only whey I go

Absolutely in love with the new whey. I loved it before but the new ones take the cake. I love how it tastes (subtle) and not overpowering and integrates well into my coconut milk. The best part, is I can understand what's in my protein and not guess what x,y,z means. Thanks again!

This stuff is the BOMB!!!

I was nervous when I first placed my order because of the price increase but I am soooo happy I purchased this! It was so worth it and the flavors taste better than the original!!!! I got the peanut butter chocolate flavor and slappy birthday. I use them to make pancakes and they taste delicious!!! You need this protein in your life, don't buy that other shiz

Perfect Slap Stack

10/10 would recommend! I love the smaller sizes especially since the stack gives you a price break! 12 servings of 2 flavors is perfect for indecisive individuals such as myself. This round I ordered cinnamon streusel donut and slappy birthday, both of these were favorites in the old whey. To say the new formula is amazing is an understatement. The cinnamon donut actually tastes sweet, but not overpowering. The cinnamon flavor is rich and developed, there is a hint of donut after the cinnamon settles in. There is absolutely no stevia after taste the new lo Han (monk fruit) really does a great job balancing it out. Both flavors are more rich and developed. In slappy birthday, I truly feel like I am eating yellow cake mix! The consistency is still the same, light and fluffy, no quality was sacrificed during the change.

Great product! Money not wheysted!

Have been lifting for over 10 years and tried so many different companies. Slap is by far the best. The culture, the customer service and their clean ingredients are incredible. The new protein is even better than the first batch. Couldn't be happier about the new products and love the value I get with the Wheysted Stack. I am always about saving and not "wheysting" money.


The new flavors are bomb! I was sad to see the old ones retire but it was worth it. My stack consists of the creamy vanilla frosting and cinnamon streusel donut. The consistency of the powder didn't change'; it's still super fluffy and light. I noticed the biggest difference with the cinnamon flavor. The retired cinnamon flavor was my go to but I always added a little cinnamon for a stronger flavor. That's no longer necessary with the cinnamon streusel donut flavor, YUM. The only negative thing I can comment on is the amount of protein. I was really surprised by how much smaller the containers are currently. I compared the old and new flavors and the servings dropped from 30 to 12... not really sure why this happened but it'll be something I consider the next time I need to buy more protein. Overall, the new products are tastier than ever but have noticeably shrank in size.