Richer. Creamier. Sweeter. More Flavor. Still Natural, Bro. The New SLAP! was developed with your taste buds in mind. The days of having to buy artificially flavored and sweetened products in order for them to taste good, or sweet enough, are gone, bro. We'll stack our SLAP! up against any product in the market, including the #chemicalshitstorms. If you love the OG SLAP, you're going to be madly and crazy in love with this new SLAP! Like you might want to marry it. Ok that's weird, get a room, bro. 

Flavor: Cake Batter Whey Isolate

Dietary Supplement - 12 Servings - Net Wt 341g

Gluten Free, Soy Free

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So Tasty, So Smooth!

I have really enjoyed this new protein. The texture is so smooth and makes my smoothies super creamy and yummy! I see some think there isn't much flavor. No, it's not super sweet, but to me I think it's the perfect amount of sweetness!

Kinda Disappointing

I had really high hopes for this after seeing it all over social media but it kind of tastes like nothing to me :( Tried it on its own and blended with a little banana and I never really got the cake batter flavor. Thinking it might mix well with homemade acai bowls or something, but overall I'm pretty sad this didn't taste as good as I heard.


I just recently switched wheys, and this stuff is amazing. Great taste and mixes great!


Super good and the ingredient list is awesome!

Smooth, clean formula but not big on flavor

I do like this formula better than the original. It mixes better and has a bit more flavor. Having said that, it's not a punch in the mouth blast of birthday flavor as one might expect. Does that mean I want tons of artificial ingredients to achieve that? No. I don't think it's easy to achieve the perfect balance of macros and protein ratio per scoop and have tons of flavor. The more ingredients you add to flavor the product the less protein % per scoop. So I stack this with Salted Caramel BCAA's and it makes a nice tasting beverage.


I'm not sure if I got a mediocre batch or what, but this has like zero flavor to it. I mean it literally tastes like nothing. I like the way that it mixes--very smooth--but I just wish it had some notable flavor. Of the slap protein isolates, I've tried samples of the strawberry and cinnamon streusel and they have much more flavor, which is why I'm left a little confused here. :(

Happy birthday to ME!

If you loved the old Slappy birthday as much as I did, you are going to absolutely love this new whey. So much more flavor than the OG. Honestly my absolute staple to put in my oatmeal. Go get some!

Came in a cup

This tatse so good! It also mixes very well and has a smooth tatse to it.