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My dad asks me when he uses my shaker: "Why is the label all pixelated" I say "Because it's supposed to look pixelated". That's my story. ;) On another note: one of the only shakers that doesn't leak. I have literally kept water in this thing inside of my bag and it's been thrown around and didn't leak. Also I noticed one of the below reviews stated their logo rubbed off- mine has not at all and I use it regularly.

Love the Design!

Works perfectly as a shaker cup, but what I love the most is the bright yellow color and Slap design. I haven't had it for a very long time, but I've had several people ask me what was on my cup at the gym. And lucky them, they got to hear my rave about the best supplement company out there haha, great cup!

Love the cup but..

The cup is very cute and functional, but unfortunately all the designs on the side have rubbed off. Even when I'm in an air conditioned room, the ink rubs off on my skin and anything else it touches.

Great shaker cup!

Love this shaker cup! It works well. I love the yellow color!

Fun, functional, and no leaks!

This is a fun and functional shaker cup that seals tightly and doesn't leak!

Love it

Love my shaker cup. If there were multiple colors i would order every one!

Awesome shakercup

I like how this cup is easy to open and close. I have some other shaker cups ( different brands) and I find them really hard to open and close. Plus I love the yellow.

Love my Slap & my Shaker!

I love how this shaker stands out from the others with its bright yellow top. It's securely closes so I don't make the mistake of shaking a protein shower all over myself. Mixes well, decals have stayed intact thus far. Only wish it had a loop for me to carry around more easily.